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Outcome of Membership Vote - Changes to RS700 Class Rules

Posted: 21/04/2005
At the RS700 class meeting held during the 2003 National Championships it was agreed that the class would embark upon trials of a revised 66% weight and leverage equalisation system. The objective of the class in reviewing this was to make racing closer and so more enjoyable, attract new people into the class and retain existing people, to implement a system that is both practical and capable of being policed, and to minimise the cost and complexity of any changes

A vote was held in early 2004 which agreed that a proposed new equalisation system should be trialled in the 2004 racing season. Following the completion of the 2004 season, it was proposed that the new equalisation system was implemented, and an appropriate vote has just been held.

It was proposed that the wording of paragraph 3.0 (Performance Compensation) of Appendix 7 to the RS Class Rules was changed.

18 votes were received - many thanks to the voters. It was agreed, by 15 votes to 3 (81%), that the wording to paragraph 3 be amended as proposed.

The revised rules are now in place, and are available under documents on the RS website, or from the RS Office. The RS700 Class Rules in the 2005 Yearbook are therefore out of date.

Outcome of Membership Vote - Changes to RS700 Class Rules

Posted: 22/01/2003
Further to discussions at the 2002 RS700 National Championships, and subsequent consideration of RS700 committee, Rules Co-ordinator, and other interested parties, the rule changes below were suggested. Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote.

New sub-paragraph 1.2.12 Trapeze handles, rings and adjuster cleats

New sub-paragraph 1.2.13 Spinnaker halyard pump handles

New sub-paragraph 1.3.19 Aluminium intermediate wing bars, as supplied by the licensed builder, may be used in lieu of 3kg of the lead required in the Rack Setting Tables of Section 3 of the Class Rules. For example, a helmsman required to carry 9kg of lead may instead carry 6kg of lead and a set of intermediate wing bars.

New sub-paragraph 1.3.20 Turnbuckle or bottle-screw style adjusters may be fitted to the lower shrouds in place of the standard shroud-plate arrangement. Adjustment of lower shroud tension is not permitted while racing.

All the above changes have been agreed, the details are given below.

Sub-paragraph Votes for Votes against %age for
1.2.12 18 0 100
1.2.13 18 0 100
1.3.19 18 0 100
1.3.20 14 4 78

The RS700 Class Rules in the 2003 Yearbook will include these additional sub-paragraphs.
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