21 June - 24 June 2024 - Lamor Plage AND YC Carnac, Brittany

RS Euros 2024

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RS100, RS200, and RS400 EuroCup, RS700 Europeans, RS800 Europeans, and RS Aero Europeans

RS Sailing France's Gilles and Nico are super excited about hosting you to your RS Euros in France in 2024!

Gilles will host the RS400 and RS800 fleets at Larmor Plage

Nico will host the RS100, RS200, RS700 and RS Aero fleets at Carnac

More information to follow!  

Great photo of 2022 RS400 EuroCup day three thanks to Antoine Dujoncquoy

Please note we await the dates to be confirmed for the RS600s at the Riva Cup, Lake Garda for their 2024 Euros

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