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Inland Championship

  • RS700 Inland Championship Prize winners: left Matt Carter 3rd, centre Colin Dacey champion, right Spike Daniels 2nd

Congratulations to Colin Dacey our new RS700 Inland Champion!

Photo of the Inlands prizewinners: left Matt Carter 3rd, centre Colin Dacey champion, right Spike Daniels 2nd (thanks to Theo Galyer)

RS700 Inland Championship Queen Mary SC 22-23 September 2018

Rooster RS700 National Tour Event Number Five

Ten of the Nation’s finest RS700 sailors made up the fleet for the RS700 Inlands at Queen Mary Sailing Club. With a changeable forecast which proved disappointingly accurate we endured just about everything over the two days from no wind abandonment to 25 knot 'hee-haw' carnage.

The first day was very light.  Robbie Bell led from the start of the first race continuing his form from the Europeans.  He was chased by Spike Daniels and James Bayliss.  James rounded the top mark with Colin Dacey but in a crafty overtaking manoeuvre James hoisted his kite, sailed over the top of Colin taking his wind and left Colin floating inside the spreader mark, have to drop his kite to tack to get round.  In a typically flukey inland breeze with big shifts all over the course places changed up and downwind. James Bayliss nearly rounded the last leeward mark in the lead but got too close and ended up doing a turn.  This allowed Spike through for the win and Robbie for 2nd with James recovering for 3rd.

In the 2nd race Matt Carter led for two laps chased by Robbie and Colin before the wind shifted 90 degrees and dropped to nothing so the race was abandoned.  Disappointed the race had not been finished at lap two the fleet went ashore with teddies thrown clear of cots only to see the wind shift and pick up.  The fleet launched again with their tails between their legs for race three.

Race three started in slightly more breeze Robbie and Colin battled for three laps for 1st and second respectively and James Bayliss sailed past Matt Carter who decided to fix himself to the leeward mark by his leeward rack on the final rounding.

On day two the fleet launched in a light Northerly wind.  By the time the first race signal sounded 15 knot gusts were crossing the course.  Spike lead from the start and wiggled away from the chasing pack.  Colin and Robbie followed close behind.  By the end of the first lap the gusts were hitting 25 knots and the smiles turned to fear stricken gurning.  One after another the leaders were flattened by savage gusts.  This allowed Matt Carter to sail through the fleet with the leaders looking on from their daggerboards.  Matt stayed ahead until the final leeward rounding where 10 yards from the gate he too was flattened by a gust. Robbie was just behind to take advantage (despite a further two capsizes within 10 boat lengths).   While Matt struggled to right his boat Robbie recovered first and managed to bear away through the gate and sail on to win while Colin, having recovered from his swim, flew through to second.  The race for third saw James Bayliss beat Matt by a boat length on the line.

Roland Smith, Stephen Carr and Jack Napolitano retired and recovered to shore.  Seven boldly started the second race but with gusts still screaming through only four finished.  James smashed his knee and had to be taken in by the safety crew, while Hamish battled round and retired halfway through having completed the beat but thinking a shower looked more appealing than the ride downwind.  Colin and Spike battled all the way round with Colin taking the win, Spike 2nd and Matt 3rd.  Robbie retired with a broken bridle but, not easily defeated, came back for race three.

Race three again saw Colin battling with Spike and Graham Blake.  Robbie had made his bridle too long so was reaching upwind and soon got bored and retired.  The wind became very inconsistent shifting wildly and gusting from one to 18 knots.  Colin kept his nerve to take the win ahead of Graham who just pipped Spike on the line.

The race officer held a final race for the intrepid four.  Spike lead with impressive upwind speed jostling with Matt for the lead.  Colin got his own course long gust for the final downwind leg and blasted through to second.  Spike just remained ahead to win with Colin second and Matt 3rd.

Overall Colin came out on top as Inland Champion.  Spike was 2nd with Matt coming 3rd.  It was a great event with plenty of thrill and spills.  Many thanks to Rooster for sponsoring the RS700 National Tour.

Report by Matt Carter

RS700 Inland Champion 2018:

Colin Dacey from Snettisham Beach SC

Rooster RS700 National Tour 2018:

1st           Richard Wadsworth from Stokes Bay SC

2nd          Matt Carter from Lancing SC

3rd           Spike Daniels from Hayling Island SC

4th           Robbie Bell from Snettisham Beach SC

5th           Colin Dacey from Snettisham Beach SC

6th           Richard Lilley from Lymington Town SC

RS700 Open Meeting 2018                
Queen Mary Sailing Club                  
Results are provisional as of 18:16 on September 23, 2018                
RS700 Fleet                    
Sailed: 6, Discards: 1, To count: 5, Entries: 10, Scoring system: Appendix A              
Rank SailNo HelmName Club R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 Total Nett
1st 1027 Colin Dacey Snettisham Beach Sailing Club 4 (11.0 DNF) 1 2 2 1 21 10
2nd 808 Spike Daniels Hayling Island Sailing Club 1 (11.0 DNF) 3 6 1 3 25 14
3rd 966 Matt Carter Lancing Sailing Club 5 (11.0 DNF) 4 4 3 4 31 20
4th 875 Robbie Bell Snettisham Beach Sailing Club 2 (11.0 DNF) 2 1 11.0 DNC 11.0 RET 38 27
5th 914 Graham Blake Queen Mary Sailing Club 8 (11.0 DNF) 10 5 4 2 40 29
6th 944 James Bayliss Queen Mary Sailing Club 3 (11.0 DNF) 5 3 11.0 DNC 11.0 DNC 44 33
7th 982 Roland Smith Queen Mary Sailing Club 6 (11.0 DNF) 6 7 11.0 DNC 11.0 DNC 52 41
8th 1031 Hamish Griffiths Hayling Island Sailing Club 9 (11.0 DNF) 7 8 11.0 DNC 11.0 DNC 57 46
9th 1011 Jack Napolitano Snettisham Beach Sailing Club 7 (11.0 DNF) 8 11.0 RET 11.0 DNC 11.0 DNC 59 48
10th 801 Stephen Carr Brightlingsea Sailing Club 10 (11.0 DNF) 9 11.0 DNC 11.0 DNC 11.0 DNC 63 52


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