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Volvo Noble Marine RS700 National Championship



Great event video by Sportography.tv here

Day one and two photos thanks to Sportography.tv

Day three photos thanks to Ollie Vennis-Ozanne


2017 RS700 National Championship Prize Winners

Endeavour Trophy (highest score having completed all races):  David Bridle - Brighlingsea SC

Apprentice Trophy (1st helm at their first RS700 Nationals):  Matt Carter - Lancing SC

Fidelis Trophy (1st helm outside main prizes who has competed in at least 3 previous RS700 Nationals):  Ian Nolan - Snettisham Beach SC

1st Master (over 50):  Jerry Wales - Windsport

1st Silver Division:  James Bayliss - Queen Mary SC

5th:  Pete Purkiss - Brightlingsea SC

4th:  Robbie Bell - Snettisham Beach SC

3rd:  Colin Dacey - Snettisham Beach SC

2nd:  Richard Wadsworth - RNSA and Stokes Bay SC

1st::  Jerry Wales - Windsport


2017 Volvo Noble Marine RS700 National Championship at Stokes Bay Sailing Club - Day 4

Another fine day in paradise.   Who would have thought, as we approach the end of September we would be looking forward to a 4th day consecutive day of perfect sailing (and spectating) weather to conclude the 2017 RS700 Volvo Noble Marine National Championships?

With two races left to sail Jerry Wales had all but (but not quite) secured the overall win.  2nd to 5th overall was still very close, and there were other battles being fought right down the fleet, so we all had something to play for on the final day.

Was it nerves or just the Easterly flowing tide pushing us towards the line that resulted in the first start being called back?  There were a few relieved sailors to see the general recall flag flying from the committee boat rather than the individual recall!  The second start was a more orderly affair.   The line was heavily biased towards the pin but local hero Richard Wadsworth chose the committee boat end and tacked straight out into the favourable tide.  If the day turned out very badly for Jerry Wales, Richard could still take the overall lead so Wales chose to cover and they both lead the charge to the favoured side of the course.   Meanwhile Robbie Bell had pulled of a perfect port tack start (more on perfect port tack starting later) at the favoured end of the line and headed out into the favourable tide but with the benefit of a substantial lead, care of the line bias.  Robbie was followed round the top mark by Ian Nolan and these two classy sailors fought over first place for three laps with Robbie taking the win on the line.  Wales came home in 3rd followed by Richard Wadsworth.  This was enough to secure the title for Wales and all but guarantee a popular 2nd place for Richard.

The second race of the day and the concluding race for this year’s championships was also to be defined by a port tack start.  

For a perfect port start you need a well-timed approach to the line and a GAP!   In the absence of a gap; well you can guess what happened next.  It involved poor Pete Purkiss the innocent victim, being towed home followed by a tangled mess of mast, sail and broken rigging.  Bell and Wales manged to avoid the carnage at the pin end but with no room to tack had to head inshore out of the favourable tide.  Richard Wadsworth having started mid-line was also heading inshore?    Of the contenders fighting for 3rd to 5th overall only Colin Dacey was heading out into the tide and if conformation was needed that this was the right thing to do, lead round the first mark by a healthy margin followed by Ian Nolan.  Those who had headed inshore were well down the fleet and faced a battle to get back to respectability.  After three laps of racing in perfect conditions Colin Dacey secured his first win to add to a couple of second places which lifted him to third overall.   It has been a good season for Colin. This result follows a third place at the last big UK event, the RS Summer Championships and a third place at the recent European Champs.   One of the nicest folk in the fleet, Colin quietly goes about his business and his reward is consistently good results.

Jerry Wales managed to climb back through the fleet to just pip Ian Nolan for second in the final race to confirm a fourth consecutive national title. 

Richard Wadsworth showed his quality to also climb back through the fleet to claim a 4th place and second overall for the championship.  Richard also adds this second place to his second at the Euro champs help in the Czech Republic.

This year’s event will be remembered amongst the best of recent years.   Four days of great racing in great condition hosted by a great sailing club.   Despite what the results show (I think more DNFs rather than DNCs) all bar one (boat maintenance issues aside) stayed out for the final race.  How often can you say that? 

There were 6 different race winners.  The newest boat in the fleet was followed home by the oldest.   The lightest sailor in the fleet weighed in at 70kgs and heaviest was, let’s just say North of 110kg and all appeared to be racing on as an even footing as experience allowed.    

We, the sailors are very grateful for all those that supported this event, so all those connected with Stokes Bay Sailing Club, the event sponsors:  Volvo, Noble Marine, Forward WIP and SpeedSix and of course RS Sailing and the RS700 Class Association.

The 2018 Nationals is being held at the Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy 16-19 August 2018.  It will be a combined European and National championships and will a part of the month long mega RS Games.  

The next event is the Brightlingsea Skiff Fest in two weeks’ time 7-8 Oct 2017.  You can find all the event information on the RS700 Class Association website here:  http://www.rs700.org/index.asp?selection=Events&uid=1466&fleet=RS700&detailevent=1

Report by Jerry Wales

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RS700 Nationals - Day Three

The RS700 sailors were treated to a glorious sunny day in Stokes Bay for the 3rd day of the Volvo Noble Marine championship. With a steady southerly 8-10kts of wind, the competitors enjoyed trapezing conditions throughout day which generated some very close and competitive action.  For the first time in the competition the tidal stream became a significant factor with big gains and losses seen across the fleet depending on when you thought the tidal flow turned.

After a short delay, Race 1 started with a very heavy pin end bias.  Jerry Wales and Robbie Bell tacked across the front of the fleet and began to pull away from the chasing Pete Purkiss and Richard Wadsworth.  Jerry showed great speed throughout to take the win with Robbie close behind, but there was a very close battle playing out behind for third place.  By the last downwind mark Ian Swann had made his way past Richard who was just ahead of Pete.  Ian chose not to fly his kite on the reach to the finish line, but Richard and Pete did for most of the way before dropping and close reaching for the line.  The gamble worked in Richard's favour as he crossed the line about a foot ahead of Ian, with Pete in close formation behind.

Race 2 began cleanly and by most people's calculations the tide should have been running West, both inshore and in the channel.  This meant the majority of the fleet headed inshore up the first beat to avoid the stronger tide in the channel.  James Bayliss had clearly done some better calculations, as he headed out into the channel up the first beat and rounded the windward mark clear ahead of the chasing pack.  Despite leading valiantly some a couple of laps, James was eventually overhauled with Jerry taking his second win of the day, followed by Pete in second and Ian Swann in third place.

By Race 3 the tide was beginning to run West inshore and in the channel by the start of the race so the pack once again headed inshore up the beat.  Jerry squeezed ahead Richard up the first beat, where they met Pete at the windward mark, who having started late tacked off early and headed into the channel once more.  By the second lap of the race this tactic no longer worked and Pete was overtaken by Richard and Colin up the second beat when he ventured out too far from the shoreline.  Jerry once again showed great skill to make it three wins for the day, with Colin taking second place and Pete overhauled Richard once more to take a well earned third place.

Report by Richard Wadsworth

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RS700 Nationals - Day Two

Another great day at the RS700 Volvo Noble Marine Nationals with 10 to 12 knots, sunshine and close racing.  Following a lengthy wait for the breeze to swing from East to South West and multiple gallant attempts to lay a course we were finally let go.

The first race saw a shift on the first beat allowing the boats that went right to pop out in front. Robbie Bell, Theo Galyer and Matt Carter lead around the windward mark before Jerry Wales overpowered Robbie and Theo.  Close racing followed in lots of tide but Matt hung on for the win with Jerry 2nd.

The second start saw Adrian Howe on the start line without a mast following forestay failure.  On the gun Jerry Wales took the lead from the beginning and was chased hard by Robbie Bell.  Downwind the strong tide made laying the leeward mark difficult but the leading boats wiggled away from the fleet.  The second best proved exciting with the RS700s sailing upwind through the RS800 fleet screaming downwind at a rate of knots.  The leaders remained ahead for the 3 laps with Jerry Wales winning ahead of Robbie Bell in 2nd and Matt Carter 3rd.

In the final race of the day saw a great battle between Ian Nolan and Jerry Wales.  The pair swapped places up and downwind followed closely by Pete Purkiss.  Jerry pipped Ian to the post only to find out that he was OCS which gave Ian the win.  Richard Wadsworth came in 2nd having powered through the fleet over the 3 laps followed by Pete Purkiss for 3rd. 

In all another fantastic day on the water followed by the Stokes Bay Pirate Party, bar games and way too much Rum...aaargh!

Report by Matt Carter

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RS700 Nationals - Day One

Race one of the RS700 Volvo Noble Marine National Championship at Stokes Bay SC got underway promptly in a gusty Force 4 Southerly breeze with strong Spring tides and an interesting wave pattern.  Jerry Wales and Pete Purkiss got the best of the start and led at the Windward mark with Richard Wadsworth and Robbie Bell close behind.  Richard and Robbie powered past Pete downwind.  After a shortening of course Jerry won with Richard second, Robbie third and Pete fourth. 

Race two got away with Jerry and Pete going left on the first beat and Ian Nolan leading others on the more favourable right.  Ian led around the Windward mark with Richard in close pursuit followed by a pack.  Richard hoisted early and powered over Ian.  Robbie also hoisted early but a gust took him onto the mark.  Jerry had a rare swim on the gybe.  Colin Dacey and James Bayliss then followed with Pete chasing.  Richard won convincingly with Colin in second and Pete pulling through to third with James and Ian Nolan following. 

The fleet gathered for their free buddy drink before the AGM.  Then Alex and her gallery served a delicious curry.  We then settled down to listen to Mike Golding OBE amazing talk about his ocean racing adventures.  Suddenly tricky chop conditions seemed insignificant compared with battling the Southern Ocean.

By Pete Purkiss

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Great photos thanks to Sportography.tv

Rank Sail No Helm Club Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 Race 5 Race 6 Race 7 Race 8 Race 9 Race 10 Nt Pts
1 1053 Jerry Wales Windsport 1 (7) 2 1 (30/OCS) 1 1 1 3 2 12
2 720 Richard Wadsworth Stokes Bay SC / RNSA 2 1 (8) (10) 2 3 4 4 4 4 24
3 1027 Colin Dacey Snettisham Beach SC (9) 2 4 5 4 (7) 7 2 5 1 30
4 875 Robbie Bell Snettisham Beach SC 3 9 5 2 (30/DNC) 2 6 5 1 (13) 33
5 1042 Pete Purkiss Brightlingsea SC 4 3 (9) 9 3 5 2 3 6 (30/DNF) 35
6 1023 Ian Nolan Snettisham Beach SC (12) 5 6 6 1 6 10 (17) 2 3 39
7 966 Matt Carter Lancing SC 5 8 1 3 6 8 (30/DNF) 9 7 (10) 47
8 944 James Bayliss Queen Mary SC 6 4 10 8 (30/DNF) 13 5 6 12 (30/DNC) 64
9 1022 Ian Swann Hayling Island SC (21) 11 3 7 17 4 3 11 9 (30/RET) 65
10 991 Theo Galyer Stokes Bay SC 7 (30/DNC) 7 4 10 14 17 (30/DNC) 8 7 74
11 839 Phillip Highfield Gt. Yarmouth & Gorleston 11 (19) (17) 14 11 11 12 15 10 5 89
12 808 Spike Daniels Hayling Island SC 10 (18) 13 18 (20) 12 9 8 11 9 90
13 970 Simon Redfearn Brightlingsea SC 8 17 14 15 7 (20) 8 10 (22) 14 93
14 1041 Matt Conner Queen Mary SC 15 6 (22) 11 13 10 (19) 18 16 6 95
15 926 Simon Clark Lyme Regis SC 17 13 12 (19) (18) 16 11 12 14 11 106
16 859 Peter O'nions Queen Mary SC 16 14 (23) 17 12 (22) 15 13 15 8 110
17 914 Graham Blake Queen Mary SC (20) 12 15 (20) 9 15 20 16 18 12 117
18 1046 Miles Roebuck Oxford SC 13 20 19 (23) 22 9 13 7 (23) 19 122
19 855 David Bridle Brightlingsea SC (22) 15 18 16 15 (21) 14 20 13 16 127
20 882 Ed Napolitano Snettisham Beach SC 14 16 (25) (30/DNF) 8 19 22 22 17 18 136
21 1014 Chris Chambers Restronguet SC (30/DNC) (30/DNC) 20 21 14 18 18 14 21 15 141
22 871 Mark Nicholson Hayling Island SC (30/DNC) (30/DNC) 16 13 5 17 16 19 30/DNC 30/DNC 146
23 1031 Hamish Griffiths Hayling Island SC 18 22 21 (25) 16 23 (30/DNF) 21 20 20 161
24 984 Adam Golding Hayling Island SC 19 10 11 12 (30/DNC) (30/DNC) 30/DNC 30/DNC 30/DNC 30/DNC 172
25 756 Alistair Paul Grafham Water SC 25 24 (27) 22 21 25 21 24 (30/DNC) 21 183
26 982 Roland Smith Queen Mary SC (30/DNF) 23 24 24 19 26 24 (30/DNC) 30/DNC 22 192
27 1035 Roger Taylor Hayling Island SC 23 25 (30/DNC) (30/DNC) 30/DNC 24 23 23 30/DNF 17 195
28 801 Stephen Carr Brightlingsea SC (30/DNC) 26 26 (30/DNF) 30/DNC 27 25 25 19 30/DNC 208
29 762 Adrian Howe Oxford SC 24 21 (30/DNC) (30/DNC) 30/DNC 30/DNC 30/DNC 30/DNC 30/DNC 30/DNC 225
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