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Gul RS700 Winter Championships Queen Mary SC

  • RS700 Nationals Plymouth 2014
  • RS700 Eurocup, YC Carnac, May 2018
  • RS700 Eurocup, YC Carnac, May 2018
Queen Mary sailing club provided all the ingredients necessary for a successful winter championships; bitter cold, freezing water and windĖa- plenty, giving thrills and spills all round. Add the excellent race management, and you have a weekend that will be remembered by all who entered. 11 RS 700s turned up for a close fought contest that saw a different winner for every race, the final result being decided on countback, as Leigh Albrecht and Andrew Peake both finished with 9 points. Albrecht eventually winning with a greater number of seconds. Tony Freer won race one, but spoilt his chances with a DNF in race 3, and an OCS in race 4. Andy Irons won race 2,, having come 2nd in race one, but didnít record results in races 3, or 5. Buzz Keck won race 3,, and came second in race 5, which gave him 3rd o/all, with 12 points. At times there were scenes of carnage around the reservoir., as the gusts were often followed by big holes in the wind, and it is a tribute to the skills of the sailors that so many not only survived, but competed so closely. Those watching were treated to a marvellous spectacle as the 700s hurtled up and down the course, sometimes crashing and burning in spectacular fashion, but always rising Phoenix-like from the ashes.
1. L. Albrecht QMSC 869 4,2,2,1,(5) 9pts 2. A Peake ? 750 (3)3,3,2,1 9pts 3. B.Keck ? 858 5,4,1,(6),2 12pts 4. E.Gatehouse,CYC,861 6,(9),4,4,4 18pts 5. T.Freer CVLSC 822 1,5,DNF,OCS,3 21pts 6. A.Irons ? 823 2,1,DNC,7,- 22pts 7. R.Rous QMSC 808 9,7,7,3- 26pts 8. D.Cummins ? 885 DNF,6,6,5,- 29pts 9. J.Heissig ? 882 7,8,8,-,- 35pts 10. C.Kirk QMSC 833 8,DNF,5,-,- 37pts 11. G Muir QMSC 737 -,-,-,-,- 48pts
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