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09/12/2014 10:32:03

Alex Reid
Posts: 31
Hi All,
I am going to get my mast re-varnished this winter as it's pretty mucky. As it's a little bit beyond my boat bimbling skills I am going to get someone else to do it. Simon put me in contact with Zest Boatworks who have re-varnished 700 masts in the past and apparently do a good job. The process is to take all the fittings off before sanding and re-varnishing the mast, then putting all of the fittings back on. If anyone else would like their mast re-varnished let me know, apparently it becomes more economical with more boats.
phn: 07951 539164 

16/02/2015 14:38:16

Alex Reid
Posts: 31
Just to let you all know for future reference, three of us had our masts re-varnished at Zest (http://www.zest-racing.com/). Pete took all of the fittings off, sanded and re-sprayed the masts. The masts looked great afterwards, am certainly very happy with mine! 

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