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29/09/2014 12:24:24

Edward Sneddon
Posts: 18
Or to give it its full name, a Raymarine T061 Micro compass.
Bought from Seamark Nunn for £245 this March so still plenty of the 2yr guarantee to run (I assume its transferable?). With bracket, velcro strap and neoprene pouch. Used only 2-3 times so really is like new, not a scratch.
Jerry, hope you don't mind, but to quote you elsewhere on this forum:
"they are not essential but apart from basic wind shift awareness (and a start countdown) they are really helpful in monitoring your tacking angle and they keep you in touch with how the macro wind conditions are changing during the day. Generally the the most important differentiator between between doing well and having a bad day is not boat speed but being able to sail the shortest distance around the race course. If you don't know what the wind is doing you don't really have a chance, well yes there is luck. "
Receptive to sensible offers

29/09/2014 12:59:07

Edward Sneddon
Posts: 18
now sold

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