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RS Fat Face Racing Stokes Bay SC

  • RS700 Nationals Plymouth 2014
  • RS700 Eurocup, YC Carnac, May 2018
  • RS700 Eurocup, YC Carnac, May 2018
ith a high pressure well and truly parked on the UK the only hope of wind for the 25 RS700's gathered at Stokes Bay Sailing Club was a sea breeze. The Fleet only had to wait an hour before the first race began in light airs. Andy White made the best of the conditions starting well at the pin end before tacking to cross the fleet as they picked their way through the patchy shifting breeze. Neil Robinson followed, chased by Alex Koukarkis and Jason Belben. White went on to win with Robinson second, followed by Belben and Koukarkis. A second race was started, but by the windward mark the wind completely disappeared and racing was over for the day. Sunday dawned in much the same vein, but following a long wait the fleet went afloat in even lighter conditions than the previous day. Kaukarkis rounded the windward mark first, followed by Robinson, Tim Dickinson and Richard Rous. After a close battle Robinson overhauled Kaukarkis on the final beat. Kaukarkis held on for second with Dickinson third, following Rous's capsize!!! White overcame Belben for fourth as they battled to round a mark which wasn't actually part of the course! Still no sign of the sea breeze, but the race team were determined to make this a series. This time it was Dickinson who led at the first mark closely followed by Robinson, Kaukarkis and Belben. By the finish Robinson had overhauled Dickinson with Belben in third, while the late recovering White came in fourth. The event win went to Neil Robinson, Andy White in second and Jason Belben beating Tim Dickinson who shared the same points.
1 Robinson Hayling Island 744 4pts 2 White Stokes Bay 900 9pts 3 Belben Stokes Bay 788 11pts 4 Dickinson Hayling Island 903 12pts 5 Koukourakis Eastbourne 766 12pts 6 Rous Army 808 23pts 7 Chisholm ???? 787 26pts 8 Marshall Corus 760 34pts 9 Mayger Felpham 894 34pts 10 Offer CULSC 834 36pts 11 Sign Stokes Bay 776 39pts 12 Gorringe Lymington Town 902 40pts 13 Pollington Burghfield 769 41pts 14 Nieveen Stokes Bay 867 44pts 15 Swann Hayling Island 890 48pts 16 Leeson Burghfield 896 58pts 17 McNulty Stokes Bay 741 60pts 18 Peake Bough Beech 750 62pts 19 Rawlings Hayling Island 798 63pts 20 Smithwhite Hayling Island 868 64pts 21 Keck Queen Mary 858 66pts 22 Simmons Hayling Island 844 68pts 23 Cummins Queen Mary 885 69pts 24 Azzopardi Stokes Bay 840 69pts 25 Geal Eastbourne 832 70pts 26 Griffiths Bewl Water 819 73pts Full Results
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