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RS700 International Commitee - call for vote on trial extension to Carnac?

RS700 International Committee (IC)

RS Sailing is working with the RS Class Association on a document titled "Protocol for relationship between RS Sailing and the RS Classes".  The final version is not yet complete.  This protocol will cover changes to specification of RS Boats and the lines of communication to do so.  Under this protocol RS Sailing will only deal with an “International Committee” (IC) in order to ensure that the needs of the entire fleet are met, not just those of UK.

The protocol states that the IC must have representation from any nation with more than 6 boats.  RS Sailing has stipulated that the RS700 IC should include: 2 x GBR, 1 x FRA, 1 x CZE.  France does not have any RS700 members so no French RS700 sailor is invited onto the IC.

In order to show RS700 sailor unity and be ready for when the protocol is published an RS700 IC has been set-up comprising:

Chair: Theo Galyer as UK RS700 Class Association Chair

Richard Wadsworth as UK RS700 Class Association Technical Representative

Adam Plhon as Czech RS700 Class Association Chair

Secretary: Clare Sargent as UK RS700 Class Association Secretary

The first RS700 IC decision is whether to include 2020 European Championship at Carnac in the RS700 weight compensation trial?

Extension of the trial to include Carnac would allow for more data gathering at a common event.  So far data is being gathered in parallel in UK and the Czech Republic.

The RS700 IC is keen to hear the views of you the RS700 class association member:

YES to include Carnac in the trial

NO to revert to non-trial standard RS weight compensation for Carnac

Please email your answer to me [email protected]

Deadline 0900hrs Thurs 13 Feb 20

Information on the trial can be found here and the trial rack settings are here

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