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RS700 Weight Compensation Trial to start at Brightlingsea!

As agreed at the 2019 AGM, this is the Weight Compensation Proposal Trial for the UK 2019-2020 RS700 events.  This weight compensation proposal is designed to encourage lighter and younger sailors into the class, by making the boat more competitive and appealing to them.

The trial has two main features:

- Completely remove the requirement to carry lead ballast in the boat.

- Spreading the rack settings over a more representative range of sailor weights (i.a.w. the table on the right).

Read the full Weight Compensation Trial document here

See the weight spreadsheet here

The trial starts at Brightlingsea Skiff Fest to be held 12-13 Oct 19 at Brightlingsea SC, RS700 Rooster National Tour event number four

So strip out that lead and head over to Brightlingsea.  The RS700 class plank and scales will be there so you can check your rack setting

Find all the event info here

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Happy RS700 Sailing!




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