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09/07/2018 19:37:00

Richard Wadsworth
Posts: 64
A few sailors have recently modified their kicking strap take-away systems so that they are attached to the trapeze elastic, and allows them to adjust the kicker more easily whilst trapezing from the rack.  For those of us that aren't that flexible, we have to step in off the rack to adjust the control lines, but this modification allows you to adjust the kicker whilst still stood on the rack.
I think that this is a great concept and should make the boat more sailable, especially when easing the main at the windward mark or pulling it on when rounding the leeward mark.  Having reviewed the class rules, discussed this with sailors at events and raised it at the RS Class Association Management Meeting, I think that this modification requires a rule change to allow it to be used at competitions.  This is because it is more than just a bimble that tidies lines, it enables you to do something that others without it can't (i.e. adjust the kicker from the rack).  I don't want to get over zealous about the application of the rules as we all like to have our own small bimbles, but we need to tread a fine line between allowing some personalisation while respecting our one design status.
The way forward. Can I request that nobody sails at the Nationals / Europeans with the kicker modification.  Between now and the Annual General Meeting (AGM) at Weymouth, could sailors share their proposals for what they think would be the best arrangement for the class to adopt.  At the AGM we will then have a vote on whether we want to change the class rules to allow this modification and if so, which one we want to propose.  The Class Secretary will then organise a class vote to either adopt or reject the change ready for the next season.  There are some pictures on Facebook, but theis forum has defeated me!

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