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02/04/2018 22:15:00

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Hello all.
I recently bought some new spreaders and the modification kit to stop the inboard spreader holes from expanding into a slot.  I followed the instructions as far as pushing the flat white insert into the ends of the spreaders (step 2 on the mod kit instructions, in case any of you have done this yourselves), but cannot seem to complete steps 3 and 4 - lining up the 'nylon bolt inserts' with the holes in the spreader, and tapping them through the spreader with a rubber hammer.  The nylon bolt inserts (small white nylon tubes) seem way too large in diameter to fit into the spreader holes, even with a lot of rubber hammer tapping.  When I line the bolt inserts up with the holes, it looks like the internal diameter of the bolt inserts is about the same diameter as the holes, so the outside diameter is a couple of millimetres too large.
Have any of you done this successfully, please?  Am I missing something - maybe there's a trick to getting the bolt inserts through that I haven't thought of?
Any advice would be much appreciated.
Thanks all, cheers,

03/04/2018 15:58:00

Jerry Wales
Posts: 13
Charles, you will need to drill out the holes in the spreaders to accept the nylon inserts.
Jerry Wales 

04/04/2018 17:22:00

Posts: 4
Thank you, Jerry, that's very helpful to know.  
All the best,

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