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01/10/2017 19:14:00

Posts: 13
Hi all
A question for which I did not really find THE hint in the forum yet ....
After sailing I often find new little wholes in the Spinnaker (Spi is not new and I taped all of them as you can easily see :-) )
Still, new ones appear often. Probably 10 new after 5 hoists/drops.
  • I checked all for eventual sharp edges or so but did not find any
  • Try to gently pull up/down
  • I don't sheet hard while jibing
Any hint?

You see that most are in similar area...
Luckily it is "only" the training spi, and I have a second newer one which I only want to use once the miracle is solved :-)


01/10/2017 19:58:00

Robbie Bell
Posts: 10
Hi Michael,

Your halyard needs changing to a dyneema one, much smoother and will instantly stop the holes appearing. RS sell ready to go 'racing halyard' well worth the money 



01/10/2017 19:59:00

Jerry Wales
Posts: 13
Its because you are dropping the spinnaker on starboard gybe ( as in the picture).  The spinnaker gets gathered in the mouth while the downhaul creates friction burns as it drags across the spinnaker until the patch reaches the chute.    The area that you have highlighted is where the downhaul (if you were dropping on starboard) wears.
Always drop the spinnaker on port gybe so the downhaul is on the inside of the sail and it will be fine.
If you have to drop on starboard do it slowly and carefully. 

06/10/2017 19:29:00

Posts: 13
great thanks for the hints Jerry and Robbie
The starboard side is pure coincidence in this picture :-) but you are right that  I did not pay particular attention when dropping it. We'll do in future.
 And I'll try dyneema, too. I guess next spring it is anyway time to pimp the elastics, blocks etc., :-)

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