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18/11/2013 23:16:54

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Hi, I was wondering if it is legal to remove the kite pump system and just have a normal manual uphaul. Want to try and see if its easier than the pump system.


19/11/2013 10:22:34

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Hi Ally

The rules specify (Section 4 of the main RS class rules) that you are not permitted to modify the boat unless specifically permitted in the RS700 appendix.   This includes modifying the intended position and function of the fittings and equipment.

However I believe there are folk that chose not to take advantage of the intended function of the pump fittings and hoist and recover "Musto" style.

Give it a try, I am sure the rest of us would be interested in how you get on.  



20/11/2013 20:19:42

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Going musto style must rule out using 3mm dynemma for the halyard. I occasionally pull down the kite musto style if i'm running out of lake and I'm sitting to far forward to get the pump cleats to work. Very tough on gloves and hands though.

Have you tried changing to dyneema? - it makes a big difference to the friction in operation of the pump system.


14/01/2016 22:37:59

Richard Wadsworth
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There was some feedback from the 2015 sailors survey asking if the pump system could be bypassed and when discussing the merits of the rs700 with potential recruits, the pump system appears to have quite a bad reputation.  Noting that most guys boats have some random 'pimps' that aren't factory standard, are we as a class really bothered about anyone bypassing the pump system in favour of a simple 'hand over hand' system?  As class chairman I'd like to be able to say at the Boat Show to potential recruits that they can choose to not use the pump system, but i'm not sure if other class members interpretation of the class rules is as liberal as mine is.  I consider the pump system as an advantage so wouldn't mind anyone trying to use a simpler system (noting the very slight weight loss of 2x pump handles). Does anyone have any strong opinions on this?  If necessary I'd probably look to try to change the rules in future to increase the appeal of the boat.  I'd appreciate some feedback.

15/01/2016 00:40:47

Alex Reid
Posts: 31
Sounds like a good idea to me. Anything to get more people into the class. I certainly had some painful moments with the pump hoist until I got it working properly!

15/01/2016 16:42:02

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A few people have run a simple kite halyard system.
Worst case is they should carry any fitting involved in the pump system even if those parts are redundant.  I would not protest a sailor running a simple set up, even if they left the handles ashore.
I will Ask Alex Southon for his view.
Ian Swann

15/01/2016 21:47:34

Richard Wadsworth
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Thanks Ian,
Is there anyone out there who strongly opposes the idea of allowing sailors to bypass the pump system if they choose to?

03/05/2019 22:04:00

Antoni Roldan
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Richard, is there any news on this topic? I could not attend the AGM's from 2016 and I'm interested about the possibility of bypassing the pump system...
Toni Roldan 

07/05/2019 21:55:00

Richard Wadsworth
Posts: 64
I raised it, but the builders representative didn't support the idea as he thought it was a defining feature of the boat. Whilst, it wouldn't be class legal at events, your club mates might not mind you trying it for sailing at your club.

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