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Results / RS700 Europeans & RS700 RS800 Noble Marine Nationals @ RS Games Weymouth & Portland National Sailing Academy - 28/07/2022

RS700 Europeans and RS700 Noble Marine Nationals at the RS Games RS700 Europeans and RS700 Noble Marine Nationals at the RS Games RS700 Europeans and RS700 Noble Marine Nationals at the RS Games


Well done to all our competitors for racing so hard across gruelling ten race regatta.

Thank you to our super event sponsors: Noble Marine, RS Sailing, Rooster, Hyde and Fernhurst Books.  Thank you to WPNSA for hosting us so splendidly.  And biggest thanks to our smashing race officer Tom Rushbridge and his super team for hosting such high quality racing in some properly difficult conditions.

Event winner report incoming...

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Day One report

Day Two report

Day Three report

Day Four report

Full Prize Winner list

Noble Marine Press Release

Hyde Sails press release

RS700 Runners and Riders

Fernhurst Books Endeavour Prize

Day One Report for RS700 European and Noble Marine National Championship at WPNSA part of RS Games

31 RS700s arrived at the Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy for the European Championships and Noble Marine UK National Championships. The 31 includes five Czech sailors who made the 18 hour trip.

We sailed out through the harbour into Weymouth Bay.  Race one started cleanly and on time in 16 knots with big rolling swell making conditions challenging from the off.  Rob Higgins and Theo Gayler led off the line chased closely by Matt Conner.  Theo headed left while Rob went right splitting the fleet.  Rob made it to the windward mark first, followed by Matt Carter who was chased by Theo who ran into some weed slowing him down and Matt Conner round in fourth.  Matt Carter chased Rob hard downwind and up the next beat to round first only to fall out the back of the boat on the bear away!  That allowed Rob to round and Theo through.  Theo then chased Rob hard to the finish but didn’t quite catch him.  Rob crossed first with Theo second.  Matt Carter recovered to third with Matt Conner fourth.

The wind moderated slightly to 14 knots for race two.  Theo led up the first beat followed by Rob but Theo’s spinney sheets got caught up.  Rob charged to the leeward mark first with Theo second, and Matt Carter rounding next with Pete Purkiss hard on his heals.  Ben Copper followed but rolled in downwind.  The places didn’t change upwind and Rob led to the line, unfortunately missing the gate allowing Theo and Matt through to take first and second.  Rob turned around in time to take third from Pete.

Report by Matt Carter

Day Two Report for RS700 Europeans and Noble Marine National Championship at WPNSA part of RS Games

Day two arrived with a light South Easterly breeze in the harbour but less wind in the bay.  The race officer kept the fleet ashore until a South Westerly sea breeze filled in in the afternoon.  In light marginal trapezing weather the first race got away in the harbour.  Rob Higgins lead the fleet up the left hand side to round the windward mark ahead of Pete Purkiss and the pack.  The second beat saw Rob going left and getting the wrong side of a shift while Adam Phlon showed great speed on the right hand side to round the windward mark in first which he held to the finish.  Pete held onto second and Matt Carter came through to third with Rob in fourth.

There was no variation in conditions for the second race but the RS700 fleet was treated to the outer loop course for the first time which introduced tight spinnaker reaching legs which mixed things up a bit.  Michal Kotek showed great speed and following some place changing with Pete Purkiss came out on top with Pete second and James Clark in third.  The racing was close and Theo Galyer pulled through to fourth place enabling him to maintain the overall lead in the championship.

With wins for Adam Phlon and Michal Kotek the CZE team had a fantastic day.

Report by Pete Purkiss

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Day Three of RS700 European and Noble Marine National Championships at WPNSA part of RS Games

OCS day

Day three was very much in expectation of the decent breeze, which was expected to increase throughout the day.  Four races were scheduled in Weymouth Bay and day three was a windward-leeward course for us.

The race started in increasing wind, but it died down again as the race progressed.  This was not a problem for Theo Galyer though, who dominated all four races today and was followed by Rob Higgins.  Well done guys!  The wind picked up as the day went on but it was definitely not what was forecasted.  The waves built up throughout the day so it was good surfing in the last run.  The left side of the course was mostly favourable with the tidal current coming from the left.  Today was a day of early starts.  The 31 boats were always very eager and we could see X-Ray flag on all the starts.  Misfortune clung to the heels of Ben Cooper who was OCS twice today and once had to retire due to a dropped sail.  Pete Purkiss also scored two OCS and lost his third place overall.  Hats off to the race team who did all the races back to back and it was a very good decision to shorten race four after the second round on the windward mark, saving us the energy for the last two races on Sunday.  And it's going to be windy!

By Václav Brabec, Czech Sailing Association

After racing we had the Hyde Sails spinnaker draw.  This is the fifth year in a row that Hyde Sails have generously sponsored us.  Thank you!  Race officer Tom Rushbridge drew the lucky ticket.  The lucky winner of the 2022 Hyde Sails spinnaker was RS700 1041 Simon Hawes.

Day Four of RS700 European and Noble Marine UK National Championship at WPNSA, part of the RS Games

A solid forecast of gusts of 20 knots was superseded when the RS700 fleet started peeling their covers off Sunday morning.  It was averaging 25 knots on the harbor wall and some slightly worried faces set a mood in the camp.  A discussion was had with management about the worry of an increasing forecast.  The main issue was the amount of safety in place alongside space to run a trapezoid.  After a suggestion of sharing an inner loop with the RS800s was made a coin was flipped.  The result was the RS800s would do two races on the inner with the RS700s to go out on the same course after them.  At this stage a couple of boats thought their time at the event had come to an end and a few undercovers were produced.

However the majority of the fleet were keen and people changed into kit with strong intentions to make the most of the last day.  It was an eventful launch with a dead offshore.  One boat decided it was going to launch without its owner before the class was released!  This provided some entertainment as John Lawson threw himself into the water showing immense front and backstroke techniques.  A rib in the marina took pity and rescued John and his boat!

The race officer was true to his word and got the RS700 in sequence very promptly.  This was gratefully received as the pound coins were visibly shaking off peoples championship mains!  The race got underway in a steady 20 knots which had moderated from earlier and continued in this fashion for the rest of the day. Theo Galyer had the committee boat to himself whilst the bulk of the fleet were flying down the line at speed perhaps due to the F flag.  Matt Carter tried hard to roll over the top of Rob Higgins who decided to crack off and go for speed.  Theo held a clear lead at the windward mark and held on to this for the rest of the race with Rob and Matt in tow.  Ben Cooper fueled with rage after some tough points scored on Saturday cruised into the line comfortably to take a 4th.  Czech boat Michal Kotek proving consistency came in just behind to take 5th.

A couple of boats were timed out and the race officer got things going quickly again.  By this point the wind was more like 18 knots sometimes entering the low 20s.  Theo started committee boat again whilst Matt and Rob were middle of the line.  Theo tacked early rather than hitting the lay line and it cost him.  Although he rounded first Rob was one boat length behind him at the top and Matt in touching distance of Rob.  A quick kite set from the top two meant a fast blast down ‘Death Alley’.  The wind was funneling down the side of the naval ship.  Theo didn’t like the look of the situation and decided on an early gybe with the intention of ducking behind Rob.  Rob showing some concern at a boat gybing on to port next to him came off the wire and slowed right down.  Theo tried to park it, as eye contact was made it was clear Theo needed to avoid the collision.  A gybe back on to starboard resulted in a capsize (well received by half the fleet of course).  Having done the maths Theo decided to head into the shore with a smirk on his face. Rob and Matt battled it out and perhaps Karma was dealt at the end of the race when Matt nailed the lay line and came storming through with his kite up to pip Rob on the line.  James Clark came in behind with his second top three of the event which bumped him up to top five overall and on top of this snagged himself the silver trophy.

Overall the fleet had a really good event at the RS Games and will look forward to returning again in four years’ time!  Massive credit to the RS team who manage to cope with huge amounts of boats in a very short space of time.  Thank you to our super event sponsors: Noble Marine, RS Sailing, Rooster, Hyde and Fernhurst Books. Thank you to WPNSA for hosting us so splendidly. And biggest thanks to our smashing race officer Tom Rushbridge and his super team for hosting such high quality racing in some properly difficult conditions.

I personally want to say thank you to Clare Sargent (RS Class Association Secretary) for all the hard work she puts in time and time again at the events, it wouldn’t be the same without her and it has been a pleasure working alongside you.  Also thanks to all the friends who sailed or still sail the RS700, long may the friendliness of the class continue.  Best of luck to Matt Carter the new class Chair who is perfect for the job. That’s me signing out for now.

Report by Theo Galyer

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RS700 Prize Winners

Hyde Sails spinnaker:  QMSC Simon Hawes

Endeavour Trophy: Fernhurst books voucher, Rooster cap: JMJ CZE Jiri Lassig

Fidelis Trophy: Rooster cap: QMSC Matt Conner

1st Bronze: Rooster cap: YC Liskovec CZE Jiri Kuthan

1st Silver: Rooster voucher: Chew Valley Lake SC James Clark

1st Apprentice: Rooster voucher: Hill Head, Stokes Bay and Castle Cove SC: Richie Thurlby

1st Master: Rooster voucher: Brightlingsea SC Pete Purkiss

6th place: Rooster cap: Brightlingsea SC Pete Purkiss

5th place: Rooster cap: Chew Valley Lake SC James Clark

4th place: Rooster cap: JMJ CZE: Michal Kotek

3rd place: Rooster voucher, Noble Marine cap: Lancing SC Matt Carter

2nd place: Rooster voucher, Noble Marine cap: Chew Valley Lake SC Rob Higgins

RS700 National Champion for 2022: Rooster voucher, Noble Marine cap: HISC Theo Galyer

RS700 European Champion for 2022: Rooster voucher, Noble Marine cap: HISC Theo Galyer


Runners and Riders - RS700 2022 European Championship and Noble Marine National Championship


Written by Matt Conner and Václav Brabec



Sailing Club

The Lowdown


Peter O'nions

Draycote Water SC

Pete the Pilot always gives it full thrust.  Looking to throw the silver fleet plate into the hold in '22.


Marek Dudák


Marek will be looking to make the most of his familiarity with the Weymouth location.  An investment in new sails adds a layer of expectation to speed around the course.  Will he find the extra knots to take him to the front?


Richard Priest

Queen Mary SC

Having recently returned to the UK, Priest is looking to make an impact in the fleet. 


Jack Napolitano

Snettisham Beach SC

Last year's silver fleet winner will now have his sights on a top 5 spot. 


Simon Clark

Lyme Regis SC

Regularly in the top 10 last year and no doubt looking to improve on that this time round.


Paul Atkinson

Lee on Solent SC

Atkinson returns to mix it up in the silver fleet.  This time with some more time in the boat.


John Booth

Stokes Bay SC

Revealed his potential at Lymington with a race win and a second overall.   Has he got what it takes on a bigger stage?  Quite possibly.


Andy Wright

Queen Mary SC

After a focused Winter training campaign, Andy has one objective, beating university alumni, Priest.


Adam Plhon

SK Tri Sestry

The Czech fleet's longest serving RS700 sailor.  Lauded for his downwind technique and love of wiring from the granny bars.   Gauntlet has been set for him to give it the full rack send in the Weymouth rollers.


Jiri Kuthan

YC Liskovec

Loves it when the wind picks up.  The Czech fleet's big-boy will be hoping for the conditions to put this to his advantage in his European Championship quest


Jiri Lassig


Easy to spot on the water with his bright pink kite and easy to spot on land with rose tinted glasses.   Jiri is one of the most progressive racers in the Czech fleet and therefore an attack on the top 10 can be expected.


Theo Galyer


With three national titles under his belt, Rooster's poster-boy may be the bookies' favourite.  But has the distraction of an International 14 campaign and planning a wedding taken its toll on time in the boat this year?


Curtis Drew


Relocation to the South Coast has meant plenty of training for Curtis.  A strong contender for the silver fleet win.


Elliot Booley

Chew Valley Lake SC

A new entrant from the Chew Crew, can Booley make his mark in his first appearance?


William Homewood

Lymington Town SC

Returning for his second nationals, flyweight Homewood is a natural talent across many classes.  Needs twice as much space around a mark than most, with his ridicously wide rack setting.   


Richie Thurlby

Hill Head/ Stokes Bay/ Castle Cove SCs

Young Gun Thurlby has been showing good pace and good judgment on the circuit.  Could be a podium contender.


Rob Higgins

Chew Valley Lake SC

The Bristol Bandit has had his fair share of podium places.  Nothing would please him more than a top spot.


Michal Kotek


Proper motivation, great starts, amazing comebacks, but can he make a gybe when the pressure is on?


Ashley Strong

Oxford SC

A very strong chance in the silver fleet. 


Václav Brabec


Possibly one of the lightest sailors in the fleet and is looking forward to racing in the harbour. Light and medium winds are his domain.  With a 4th place at CZE Nationals, he will be in the mix unless it blows big.


Pete Purkiss

Brightlingsea SC

In a boat that rewards experience, few have more than Pistol Pete.  Storming the National Circuit this year and as canny as they come.


Ben Cooper

Lymington Town SC

Back in the boat after an extended break.  Cooper is expected to be pushing for medals.


Stephen Carr

Brightlingsea SC

A circuit regular who is always involved in some action on the course.


John Lawson


John is on first name terms with Border Control after becoming a regular on the UK circuit, despite living in France.   Constantly improving, John will have eyes on silver fleet notoriety.


Matt Carter

Lancing SC

Our incoming class Chairman will also be hoping to take the trophy from Theo as part of the handover process.
Recent win at Lymington will have provided a well-timed confidence boost. 


Roland Smith


Having gained prestigious sponsorship from Rolcom, Smith has all the gear to take him into the gold fleet.


James Clark


Having seen off Galyer and Higgins at the 2022 International 14 Prince of Wales Cup, Clark will be trying to do the same in the RS700. 


Simon Hawes


Looking for a bit of silverware to polish alongside his oh-so-shiny battleship.  Has been putting in the practice too.


Nathan Steffenoni

Weston SC

Weston's wind whisperer will put in a strong show, looking to take silver and mix it up in gold.


Matt Conner

Queen Mary SC

Showing strong results on the National tour.  Should be near the front.


Stephen Keating

Datchet Water SC

Rock-up-and-race Keating will be looking to improve 2021's results.  But rumour has it, he hasn't unpacked his boat since.  Who needs practice anyway?


RS700 Noble Marine National Championship
Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy
Results are PROVISIONAL as of 14:56 on July 31, 2022
RS700 Fleet

Sailed: 10, Discards: 2, To count: 8, Entries: 31, Scoring system: Appendix A

Nat Sail No Name Club Fleet R1 Bay R2 Bay R3 PH R4 PH R5 Bay R6Bay R7 Bay R8 Bay R9 PH R10 PH Total Nett
1   1063 Theo Galyer Hayling Island SC Gold 2 1 -15 4 1 1 1 1 1 (DNF[25.0]) 52 12
  1029 Rob Higgins Chew Valley Lake SC Gold 1 3 -4 -10 2 2 2 2 2 2 30 16
  1062 Matt Carter Lancing SC Gold 3 2 3 6 -8 3 (OCS[31.0]) 3 3 1 63 24
  988 Michal Kotek JMJ Gold 5 5 -10 1 3 4 -7 7 5 4 51 34
  765 James Clark Chew Valley Lake SC Silver -12 -18 12 3 12 5 4 4 6 3 79 49
  1042 Pete Purkiss Brightlingsea SC Gold 6 4 2 2 11 (OCS[31.0]) 13 (OCS[28.0]) 9 5 114 55
  845 Adam Plhon SK Tri Sestry Gold 7 -22 1 8 7 12 9 (OCS[28.0]) 18 9 121 71
  1035 William Homewood Lymington Town SC Silver 9 10 8 7 -14 10 -18 6 10 11 103 71
  710 Nathan Steffenoni Weston SC Silver 10 7 -21 16 -18 7 3 15 7 7 111 72
  903 John Booth Stokes Bay SC Silver -16 6 11 11 4 6 5 -18 14 16 107 73
  762 Richie Thurlby Hill Head/Stokes Bay/Castle Cove Silver 8 -14 7 12 9 14 8 9 -15 12 108 79
  951 Marek Dudák YC CERE Silver -20 13 9 -19 5 13 12 5 19 8 123 84
  905 Václav Brabec YC CERE Silver 15 -19 5 5 13 11 -19 11 13 13 124 86
  1060 Matt Conner Queen Mary SC Gold 4 16 16 -17 15 (DSQ[31.0]) 11 8 11 6 135 87
  979 Jack Napolitano Snettisham Beach SC Gold 17 20 -24 15 -21 8 6 12 8 15 146 101
  844 Ben Cooper Lymington Town SC Gold (DNF[32.0]) 9 6 9 10 (OCS[31.0]) RET[31.0] OCS[28.0] 4 10 170 107
  1061 Andy Wright Queen Mary SC Silver 21 11 17 -23 6 18 (OCS[31.0]) 13 12 17 169 115
  1068 Roland Smith Hayling island SC Silver 11 -21 19 20 -23 19 14 10 16 14 167 123
  1041 Simon Hawes Queen Mary SC Silver 18 8 20 18 16 15 15 17 (DNC[32.0]) (DNC[32.0]) 191 127
  1036 Jiri Lassig JMJ Silver -22 -28 14 14 20 16 10 14 17 22 177 127
  871 Curtis Drew Hayling Island SC Silver 19 17 (RET[32.0]) (DNC[32.0]) 22 9 17 16 TLE[25.0] 18 207 143
  859 Peter O'nions Datchet Water SC Silver 13 15 13 13 17 DNF[31.0] DNS[31.0] (DNC[32.0]) (DNC[32.0]) DNC[32.0] 229 165
  1043 Jiri Kuthan YC Liskovec Bronze 25 -26 25 26 24 20 16 (DNF[28.0]) 21 20 231 177
  846 Ashley Strong Oxford SC Bronze 28 (RET[32.0]) -29 27 25 21 21 20 22 19 244 183
  801 Stephen E Carr Brightlingsea SC Bronze 27 24 -30 (DNS[31.0]) 27 22 22 21 20 23 247 186
  1067 Richard Priest Queen Mary SC Silver 24 (DNF[32.0]) 22 22 19 OCS[31.0] 20 19 (DNC[32.0]) DNC[32.0] 253 189
  926 Simon Clark Lyme Regis Silver 14 12 18 21 (DNC[32.0]) (DNC[32.0]) DNC[32.0] DNC[32.0] DNC[32.0] DNC[32.0] 257 193
  851 John Lawson   Bronze 23 23 23 25 (RET[31.0]) DNS[31.0] DNS[31.0] (DNC[32.0]) DNS[25.0] 21 265 202
  778 Elliot Booley Chew Valley Lake SC Bronze (DNF[32.0]) 27 26 24 28 17 TLE[31.0] DNF[28.0] (DNC[32.0]) DNC[32.0] 277 213
  882 Paul Atkinson Lee on Solent Bronze 26 25 27 29 26 23 DNF[31.0] (DNC[32.0]) (DNC[32.0]) DNC[32.0] 283 219
31   961 Stephen Keating Datchet Water SC Bronze 29 29 28 28 29 TLE[31.0] TLE[31.0] TLE[28.0] (DNC[32.0]) (DNC[32.0]) 297 233
    Scoring codes used                            
    Code Description Points                          
    DNC Did not come to the starting area Varies                          
    DNF Started but did not finish Varies                          
    DNS Came to the start area but did not start Varies                          
    DSQ Disqualification 31                          
    NSC A boat did not sail the course as defined rule A5.1 Varies                          
    OCS On course side at start or broke rule 30.1 Varies                          
    RET Retired Varies                          
    TLE Failed to finish in finishing widow, SI 15.2 Varies                          
    UFD U flag disqualification under rule 30.3 Varies                          
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