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Open Queen Mary SC

  • RS700 Nationals Plymouth 2014
  • RS700 Eurocup, YC Carnac, May 2018
  • RS700 Eurocup, YC Carnac, May 2018
The sun shone but the wind was non-existant on Sunday morning, perfect for marathon running but far from ideal for sailing. However after a short postponement the breeze did fill in and we were up and racing without too much delay. The first of the three races was sailed in the lightest breeze but there was still enough for the fleet to wire around the course. Tony Freer set the early pace but there were still holes and swings in the wind which needed careful judgement. Andy Irons managed to pick his way through to take the lead half way through the race and wasn't touched again. The chasing pack was headed by Andy Holland who's part of a keen bunch of guys from Hunstanton, Tony clinched 3rd and Leigh Albrecht from the home club 4th. With the wind now settling-in and building the second race got underway. The same names appeared out the front joined by Alex Koukourakis from Eastbourne. Positions changed frequently but again Andy Irons found the front and looked comfortable mid-way through the last lap. Andy covered his position down the final run staying between the chasing two boats and the finish but hadn't noticed 4th placed Leigh gybe off early. Leigh picked up a heavenly gust on the far side and was making up huge amounts of ground on his gamble. As Leigh and Andy approached the finish line on opposite gybes it was going to be close. Leigh's final gybe was jugded and executed to perfection and he knicked the win by half a boat length from Andy, followed by Tony and Alex. The third race got underway in a pleasant strengthening breeze. Leigh was showing no mercy and took an early lead which he stretched throughout the race. Tony and Alex diced for silver and bronze while Andy recovering from a couple of handling errors early on got through to take 4th. Overall Leigh took the win with Andy second, Tony 3rd and Alex 4th. Thanks to QMSC for a lovely days sailing and who did an excellent job running three races for four RS fleets off the same start. Andy Irons
1 Leigh Albrecht RS700 927 Queen Mary SC 2 Andy Irons RS700 823 3 Tony Freer RS700 822 4 Alex Koukourakis RS700 766 EASTBOURN SOUTHERN SC 5 Andy Holland RS700 906 HUNSTANTAN 6 Matt Conner RS700 868 Queen Mary SC 7 Ian Nolan RS700 912 49 HUNSTANTAN 8 Mark Pollington RS700 769 BORGHFIELD 9 Mathew Stark RS700 871 HIGHCLIFF SC 10 Paul Ellis RS700 719 SALCOMBE YC 11 Stuart Riches RS700 767 HUNSTANTAN 12 Richard Smith RS700 841 WILSONIAN SC
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