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France Skiff Open, Lac du Der

    It was a tale of broken cars, man flu and some classic Jubster singing fuelled by the boom of doom for the UK RS700 fleet.  Jono (Heissig) kept our flag flying and I think we were all impressed by the improvement and enthusiasm the euro skiff sailors exhibited.  2 new and 1 2nd hand 700 delivered and a lot of bimbling and set-up support later and the weekend was over too quickly.
    Good fun all in and 22 700's from 6 nations!
    Coaching was provided cost free by sponsors for the 2.5 days before the racing, from Thursday to Saturday morning. The 3 coaches Peter Barton, Ben Schooling and Kevin Fischer provided expertise over the whole range of classes. With many of the Europeans iced in ashore during the winter period this event provides the perfect ‘warm up’ for the season ahead.
    Roll on Carnac ...


    Ian Nolan

    Congratulations to Jon Heissig for being the first RS700 boat in this handicap event (9th overall).


    See http://www.franceopenskiff.fr/en/thank-you-and-see-you-next-year-2013/ for full results and some photos.

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