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17/05/2013 13:59:52

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With both kites being repaired, I was experimenting with differ kicker settings downwind in the gusts last weekend. I think I found the setting used to avoid enemy aircraft.

I was expecting it to pitchpole a little and roll out but it just kept going down.

17/05/2013 14:14:06

Ian Nolan
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Now that's a good dive!  It's amazing how much abuse the boat will take and survive, unlike the helms!

Just a bit of advice,  the max waterline volume was designed quite far back to avoid the pitchpole problems the Musto's were having during their development.  It is just behind where you are sitting, about 30cm behind the mainsheet jammer.  If you get your weight behind this point on a windy day it acts as a pivot to keep the bow up and clear of the water.  



17/05/2013 18:13:09

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Thanks for the advice - I had drawn that conclusion so it is good to have confirmation. I also assume that the kite gives the bow a lot of lift as later in the day I was having problems with the bow plunging even by standing on the end of the rack (it did get very lumpy f2/3 with f6 gusts). 

17/05/2013 19:11:52

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Yepp done that, last wed eve on the way out to the start, broke the kicker so that was the end of my evening :-(

17/05/2013 19:19:50

Ian Nolan
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Yes indeed, the kite helps and also keeps the boat in balance so there is less load on the rudder

03/06/2013 22:01:43

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As you can see, I absorbed all the previous advice about avoiding a dive while sailing at Carnac - not. 

04/03/2014 00:08:31

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Latest dive with 2 sails on fairly flat water. Think I know what caused it but welcome some comments. I'm particularly please with sound effects. http://youtu.be/8XrkjahOQqU

04/03/2014 10:09:13

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If you keep the boat upright at all times its not gong to want to think about capsizing (but you already know that) it looks like you have a bit of leeward heel form the start.  Its hard to tell for sure but I would say you are trapezing too high. It looks like before the wing starts to touch the water the trapeze length is causing you to trapeze almost vertically - you have run out of leverage.  When the wing hits the water it looks like you have already gone past the point you effectively start to lean into the boat while still one the trapeze. From the very start of the video there is only one outcome.  

Its probably because you have spent so much time capsizing to windward with the kite up you are overcompensating causing you to capsize the other way, or it could be your battens are to soft?



04/03/2014 19:43:02

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I would say that you are standing too far forward, and as Jerry says healing to leeward too much.
You can see from your rudder that you are already using it as a brake.
Best way is to bear off a bit more initially til the rudder starts to go lighter (not acting as a brake), then you'll have your speed and will be able to control the level of heal by steering slightly.
You won't be fighting it as much as well.

When its right, most things are pretty light.
Have fun ;o))

06/03/2014 21:14:10

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Thanks for the observations. I was rather struggling in the very lumpy wind. The main cause which isn't very apparent from the video was I was bearing up as I thought I was dropping out the end of a gust but I was hit by a really strong one. The boat for all the reasons you mentioned as well as the loss of the apparent wind completely stalled so I was a sitting duck. I was a bit surprised to be flying though.

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