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20/04/2017 14:13:36

Nick Beecham
Posts: 7
I would be really grateful if someone could answer the following.  Firstly, I see from the specifications that come with the RS700, it is actually capable of being sailed by 2 people.  However, I have seen no mention of this in any postings nor any videos.  Is this actually possible in practice (given that I will only be using my RS700 for fun and not racing)?  Secondly, can the spinnaker sheets be cleated (even if against class rules for racing) so as to make a long run less tiring?  Thirdly, my previous experience was with a Fireball and when that capsized and turned turtle, the mast would hit the seabed and break.  Is the RS 700 mast strong enough to survive hitting the seabed?  If not, this could become a very expensive hobby.  Many thanks in advance to anyone who can answer.

20/04/2017 16:17:36

Richard Foulds
Posts: 6
I sometimes sail with my 9 year old, all up we're about 16 stone and we go well enough. There's certainly plenty of space for cruising to give someone a taste, but it's not really what the boats about. I've not sailed with more weight, but I suspect the handling would get progressively worse. 

I've done a huge amount of mast scrapping along a muddy river bed and no breakages in 12 years. 

The 700 spinnaker is so much more powerful than that of a Fireball, it needs constant attention, cleating would be a fast track to swimming. Ratchet  blocks are very effective to lighten the load. 

Hope this helps

20/04/2017 18:34:15

Nick Beecham
Posts: 7

Many thanks Richard

 So does it come with ratchet blocks fitted as standard? 

20/04/2017 19:17:19

Richard Foulds
Posts: 6
The are optional, but would only take 5 mins to fit if you didn't have. They are class legal, whereas I don't think additional cleats would be - something to check before you start drilling!

21/04/2017 09:29:38

Nick Beecham
Posts: 7
Many thanks

21/04/2017 09:39:20

Jerry Wales
Posts: 15
The ratchets are now fitted as standard on new boats.

21/04/2017 13:05:22

Nick Beecham
Posts: 7

Great stuff - many thanks Jerry.  Hope to see you soon.

Best wishes


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