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14/10/2014 08:12:48

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Hi All,
Im looking to get a wind Indicator for the 700 and was looking at a Hawk (MK2 if it makes any difference)
Are these suitable for the boat ? Im wondering whether it would get in the way of the kite if mounted on the front of the mast ?

14/10/2014 08:53:20

Richard Foulds
Posts: 6
James, that's what I do. But put it on upside down or flapping spinnaker sheets get caught. 

14/10/2014 11:41:48

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Perfect, Thanks Richard.

14/10/2014 13:14:24

Richard Foulds
Posts: 6

14/10/2014 20:10:13

Posts: 18
You really shouldn't need a wind indicator on a 700. Upwind sail to the tell-tales, on reaches you are normally overpowered so sheeting to keep flat, and downwind you are sailing to the kite. I can honestly say I have never felt the need for one in nearly 10yrs of 700 sailing.

14/10/2014 20:56:28

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Having come through most of the initial learning curve , I would say than in anything other than light winds, if you are so far off the wind you can't find it by looking at the tell tales or flappy bits in the main or feel it by letting the sails out until something flaps, then the best indicator will be a quick swim. In very light winds the true wind speed will be very different between the bottom and top of the mast and thus the apparent wind direction quite different between what is indicated below the boom and the top where most of drive will be.
The hardest bit I have found/find with wind direction was/is big lulls before shifts (they were 15 degrees on sunday) as you lose pressure regardless of where you point the boat - any indicator will just show you are head on. I realise there are different ways to learn how to sail any boat but i wonder if a few simple streamers on the shrouds would do just as well and better if they are higher up. I do think that wind indicators are much more useful on much slower boats that generate far less apparent wind. 

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