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24/06/2013 10:51:29

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Do you have a spare mailsail for sale? Any considered (ranging from nearly new to just about serviceable). My practice sail was more patches than sail and now has several large holes from the thrashing it got at the weekend. If you want to get a new race sail for the Nats and sell me your old race sail, I'll use my current race one for practice.

04/07/2013 15:40:16

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Hi Adrian

I have a mainsail for sale - it is old but serviceable. I also have some intermediate bars and an unused rudder blade for sale if any one is interested.


02/08/2013 22:19:47

Matt Conner
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I've got a couple of older mains that I'd be willing to pass on to anyone looking for a back-up to protect their racing sail. 
Also available is a spare mast I have with my boat.  I'm hardly using my boat now so seems a bit extravagant keeping it.  It's in good condition and has never been damaged.  It would benefit from a coat of varnish, as would most in the fleet!  It's perfect for someone who's current rig has been repaired.
Let me know if of any of the above is of interest and I can bring to nationals.


15/09/2013 14:19:39

Mike Dencher
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Hi Andy, Is your rudder blade still available? Could you let me know on [email protected] or 07810796312.  Thanks  Mike 

07/01/2014 13:49:34

Alex Reid
Posts: 31
Hi Matt,

I was wondering if you still had them for sale? My club racing/training one is falling to bits!

Many thanks



GRB 910

08/01/2014 17:29:03

Matt Conner
Posts: 18
Hi Alex,

Afraid not.  The only ones I have now are too shabby to sell.
Not sure if LDC are doing boat-show discounts on them? Otherwise their interest free scheme looks good on a new suit.



26/01/2014 11:33:51

Alex Reid
Posts: 31
Mainsail acquired! :-)

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