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Bradwell Race

    RS700s at Bradwell Race Sun 10 July 2016


    Colin ‘Racey’ Dacey and I had a fantastic weekend at Marconi Sailing Club, arriving on the Friday to set up camp, get the boats rigged and sample the Adnams.  We didn’t take part in the Saturday races because of the survival conditions, but did get afloat in breeze which at times was hitting 30 knots.  Having survived the wind over tide conditions we made the most of the evening BBQ whilst listening to the band and enjoying the bar (open when the wine glass flag is hoisted).  


    We were woken early to the sound of "Sweet Caroline" being played over the tannoy system and on the start line for 0815hrs for the Colne Point Dinghy Race.  Whilst there were only 8 dinghies racing there were over 60 boats on the water.  We shared our start with 25 cats also heading for Colne Point, the bigger boats having set off to Clacton for the East Coast Piers race 15 minutes earlier.  It was a cracking downwind sail to the first gate opposite Bradwell then we blasted down towards Brightlingsea hitting 16+ knots before dropping the kites and fetching towards the Colne gate.  Once round it was approximately 15km on one tack on the way back before beating back past the moored pirate radio ship Caroline to the finish line.  We sailed 27 miles in all in just over 2 ½ hours.  Our two RS700s and a Musto Skiff had a very close race beating many of the cats home, but losing out to the two RS800s that took the top two steps on the podium.


    Overall this was an excellent well organised weekend.  It’s a charitable event so the money you spend is going to good causes (only £40 entry for the weekend with free camping, BBQ, music and raffle tickets).  The beer was good and some fantastic raffle prizes and trophies on offer all in the very friendly atmosphere of Marconi Sailing Club.  I would definitely recommend this even to the rest of the fleet, especially those looking for a different type of challenge.  It would be good to get a number of RS700s on the line next year - I’ll certainly be going back.


    by Robbie Bell


    Bradwell Race Sun 10 July, Marconi Sailing Club, part of East Coast Piers Race Weekend      





    Sail No.


    Finish Time

    Elapsed (hh:mm:ss)

    Elapsed (secs)

    Corrected (secs)


    Richard Smith

    Eleanor Smith

    Wilsonian SC

    RS800 1045 817 10:38:39 02:23:39 8619 10,550 1

    Tristan Walker-Hutt

    Thomas Clayton

    Marconi SC

    RS800 1041 817 10:40:41 02:25:41 8741 10,699 2

    Robbie Bell


    Snettisham Beach SC

    RS700 875 850 10:46:43 02:31:43 9103 10,709 3

    David Annan


    Grafham Water SC

    Musto Skiff GBR535 847 10:47:10 02:32:10 9130 10,779 4

    Colin Dacey


    Snettisham Beach SC

    RS700 1027 850 10:47:57 02:32:57 9177 10,796 5

    Andy Whapshott

    Jake Smith

    Plymouth Uni

    49er 102 720 10:33:11 02:18:11 8291 11,515 6

    Joe Bird

    Clare Bird

    Blackwater SC



    720 10:50:47 02:35:47 9347 12,982 7

    Fee Barnes

    Pat Shaw

    Marconi SC

    RS800 868 817 11:33:32 03:18:32 11912 14,580 8


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