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Class Rules

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FAQ and Guides

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Management Committee Minutes

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NOR 2021 RS700 RS800 National ChampionshipView
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Other Documents

2017 RS700 Chairman's NewsletterView
2018 RS700 Calendar and Member BenefitsView
2018 RS700 Chair's DitView
2019 RS700 CalendarView
2019 Weight Compensation TrialView
2019 Weight Compensation Trial ChartView
2019 Weight Compensation Trial dit 7 Oct 19View
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2021 Performance Compensation Trial ProposalView
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RS700 IC Vote for Inlands temp rule change 21 Sept 20View
RS700 IC Vote for temp rule change with results 3 April 20View
RS700 Inlands Event NORView
RS700 Inlands Event Sailing InstructionsView
RS700 New Chair's Welcome Message 22 Aug 2018View
RS700 rack setting widths 10 Oct 19View
RS700 Rooster Inlands NOR v2View
RS700 Training Notes by Theo Galyer 30 Sept 20View
RS700 Trial Purkiss Analysis 21 Sept 20View
RS700 trial update 3 Sept 20View
Totally Stoked 17 April Entry FormView
Totally Stoked 17 April Entry Form in wordView
Totally Stoked NORView
Travel in Europe post BrexitView
Vote for Temporary Rule Change for CarnacView

Race Documentation

2022 Rooster National Tour RulesView
2022 Standard Sailing instructions RS Class AssociationView
NOR Carnac 2022View

UK Class Meeting Minutes

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